Longgang District entrepreneurial women bring a very beautiful picture, it can be said that the provinces and cities of the female entrepreneurs to learn from the example. With the development of modern society, women can improve their social status and make life happier.

"than men, women entrepreneurs to several times." Sharing activities, Longgang female entrepreneur Wu Yulin laments. Wu Yulin in the entrepreneurial process, had suffered two fires, the fire of the two small setback, but she refused to lose, the more the story of the brave, the audience received a burst of applause. Today, Wu Yulin will not only do their own business as a sponsor, full of sound and colour, but hey peach "charity, to help the people in trouble work.

"women than men have received more attention," it can attack and also defend "psychological advantage." After 80 female entrepreneurs Liu Shuting for the venture it seems more optimistic. She said that since the start, she encouraged by the community, including several research Longgang district leaders, "research not only on behalf of the leaders, but also bring many good suggestions for our entrepreneurs. Longgang District vice mayor Yang Li pointed out the shortcomings of our project, for us is very valuable advice."

"the significance of this festival is the biggest let us think as women should have what kind of position and value, and we should be how to treat their women in society’s existence significance." Yang Li said, Longgang District Women’s Federation organized the event has a unique meaning, "we hope women have special courage, dare to explore the inner strength, the courage to use their talent and wisdom to explore the life, also in the course of business, work together to stand together through storm and stress."



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