now people because of thought above liberation, what people love to show themselves, so the studio business is getting better and better, but small series here to bring you is a good project that is new, photo shop stickers.

and ordinary camera is distinguished, sticker photography has a unique function of electronic photo album, photo electronic album after the customer making fine as a permanent memorial. Many stickers photo shop have appeared "bursting" Scene: hold line has; every day there; together with the actors; a consumer who also have the hundreds of yuan. Stickers camera store function continues to expand, a few months to recover the full cost.

do this like stickers business upfront costs not only need a small store, one or several "special camera", the necessary ink and paper, plus a nice smile will be on the road, but the cost of 35 million.

According to sources

"visit our store are mostly young people, students, couples are major consumers." A shopping mall stickers photo gallery staff Miss Chen said. Young students tend to be in the forefront of fashion, they are willing to accept new ideas, like new things.

this sticker is previous to the idol star like and cartoon characters, but now the photo made stickers, this when star feeling, natural love for young people. Therefore, this kind of stickers just like a big market was sought after. According to Miss Chen introduction, when the rise of just like stickers, every day to take a picture of people in a continuous line, the weekend is crowded around.

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