said the venture, really is as long as there is this idea of what people are willing to "remove", and in countless entrepreneurs, the lack of natural stars. And, unlike the general public, the success rate of star entrepreneurship is undoubtedly higher. This makes a lot of people feel the question, then, star business success rate why?

business has become the market today and a large-scale trend, more and more people began to go on the road of entrepreneurship, and even many public figures, various stars began to hesitate to walk on the road of entrepreneurship, but we know some of the more well-known star basically succeeded in creating his entrepreneurial path, like Han Han’s restaurant chain "nice to meet you"; "like Joker on modesty"; as Fan Bingbing Bing Bing television media Co. Ltd. etc..

their business to keep them in their business but also gain greater profits; and this situation will attract some people to pay more attention to the many star started to go on the road of entrepreneurship; but a lot of people but because of various reasons lost; so I can see why the stars everyone has his own career, the probability of success is relatively high.

capital advantage

for entrepreneurs, the most important is the entrepreneur’s capital scale, if we are able to have a larger space in the capital, in fact, a lot of things are basically can be solved with money; like the early development in our business, the need for the project the development of a variety of publicity and marketing means, basically are all we need to put more money.

star is able to easily obtain more successful entrepreneurial projects in such a market, it is because they have a relatively large support in the capital, they are in the process of entrepreneurship, not because of lack of own funds, resulting in their entrepreneurial projects fail, this also let their entrepreneurial projects in in the process of development, has developed a relatively large space, let them in the process of investment, there is a more substantial leeway; and many civilian entrepreneurs, their cost constraints is relatively large, so the difficulty of entrepreneurship is relatively a lot of difficulties.

visibility advantage

in addition to the star, they start with a comparative advantage, it is needed to process the development of their own visibility to their projects brought in to enhance visibility; we can see a variety of star endorsement for a brand in today’s market, but their brand itself in popularity is well with star fame; this also makes them create a brand, can be improved to a great extent, he.

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