Three bicycle race to help the national movement

May 21st, the reporter learned from the Provincial Sports Association of the second general assembly, this year, the association will hold three closely related to the masses of bicycle race. The day of the general assembly, also elected the honorary president of the provincial Cycling Association, chairman and members of the Standing Committee, etc..

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Xining fire five to enhance the normalization

Wang Jianjun stressed the need to firmly establish the concept of large security in the province to

6 1, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun chaired the provincial leading group to maintain the stability of enlarged meeting, stressed that a comprehensive implementation of the overall concept of national security, in accordance with the provincial system to do a good job security and stability requirements, to prevent risks in a prominent position, firmly establish the big security concept, continue to do the investigation and resolve potential risks, better play to maintain the safety and stability of the responsibility, firmly grasp the initiative to maintain the stability of the dominant power. read more

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Wang Liming in the supervision and inspection of industrial production safety work in the city of Ea

11 29, vice governor Wang Liming to the work of production safety supervision and inspection of the East Sea city industrial enterprises, in-depth workshop detailed understanding of production management, safety regulations, construction supervision, emphasizes that the enterprises should strictly implement the safety responsibility, carry out safety hazards investigation work, in order to promote production safety, in order to guarantee the development of peace.

in Qinghai Jia Yun Aluminum Inc and Qinghai Kangtai casting machinery company, Wang Liming asked in detail about the production and operation of enterprises and production safety prevention measures implementation, pointed out that the production safety is the lifeline of the enterprise, to enhance product quality and efficiency at the same time, not a moment to relax the work of production safety. In the Ledu District comprehensive pipe gallery construction site, he told the construction personnel should pay attention to the winter construction safety, security and build a strong defense. Big data center in Qinghai, as soon as possible the formation of large data scale, promote the application of big data in the field of production safety, to contribute to the province’s economic and social development. read more

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Ten prohibitions thorough investigation of illegal traffic police

In order to strengthen the province’s traffic police team construction, to solve the traffic police violations of law and discipline, and strive to build a impartial and honest law enforcement, the people satisfied with the traffic police team, Qinghai Traffic Police Corps has formulated "strengthening police team construction ten provisions".

showed that the "Regulations", the implementation of punishment is prohibited when the illegal cash, issued the penalty decision, the bill or not to fill in the amount of a fine; it is strictly prohibited to use positions for traffic violations to eliminate traffic violations points or drop (rise), exemption from punishment, accepting property or prohibited illegal detention or for personal gain; the seizure of vehicles, motor vehicle driving license, driving license, vehicle license plate; strictly prohibited in handling cases and treatment of traffic accidents, is strictly prohibited to resort to deceit favoritism; do not meet the conditions, without driving license examination or examination unqualified staff issued by the motor vehicle driving license, driving people to reduce test project, reduce standards or participate in and assist and connivingdriving people cheat in the exam, accepting property or personal gain; no license for the vehicle does not comply with the laws, regulations and national standards. For motor vehicle inspection, without legal inspection or inspection unqualified marks, or accepting property for private lending is prohibited; motor vehicle license plate; prohibited the participation or disguised in driving training, vehicle detection, vehicle repair factory, wrecker rescue enterprises and other business activities, or the specified charge parking lot, motor vehicle repair plant is strictly prohibited; traffic management member of law enforcement right, independently to police road duty, issued in the name of the penalty decision, accepting property, personal gain, or the traffic wardens expenses and traffic violation fines, or disguised hook staff issued issued a fine index to the traffic wardens; prohibited service in law enforcement and window, treat people arrogant attitude violent, or deliberately, chinakayao. read more

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Xining city north of the city along the regulation of high speed rail


Lanzhou high-speed railway. December 5th, the city of Xining City, once again put into human and material resources, the region along the high speed rail transit environment focused on large remediation, the United States and the United States will be a good side to the outside world of Qinghai.

high speed rail transit along the Lanzhou Xinjiang district a total length of 10.5 kilometers, along the way, nine Wei Jia Zhuang Jia Wan, Guo Jiata, Su Bao 4 village environment needs renovation. In the past, the north along the high-speed rail to be adjusted 4 villages are no garbage transfer station, the villagers dump garbage, muck phenomenon is more prominent. "Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to monitor the unit area north of the city captain Zhang Qishou said, in order to improve the area along the high-speed railway environment dirty, disorderly and poor problem, material and concentration of Chengbei district financial and human resources, divided into 5 sections along the 4.9 km long road garbage, clean up and rectify illegal buildings. At the same time, the village road into asphalt road, 4 villages to build garbage house, equipped with garbage bucket, set up on both sides of the road fence, guide the villagers to establish a good sense of environmental protection. After the spring of next year, will be along the villagers housing decoration. read more

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Xining national sprint

today (September 3rd) to the end of the month, Xining city will be called on the public to carry out national hands, clean homes, create a civilized "volunteer service activities. Through the urban environment, road environment, urban and rural joint three comprehensive remediation action environment, clean up the urban environment health regulation exists in "dirty, chaotic and poor" phenomenon and health corner, driven by public participation, environmental remediation, clean homes, guide the citizens to participate in the city greening, beautification, purification, create beautiful the environment, efforts to enhance the quality of public culture and city civilization, to ensure that Xining city smoothly through the evaluation and acceptance of the national evaluation group. read more

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West Street blackout area will resume power supply today

On October 2nd at 1:30 in the morning, Xining Jiahe Century Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. in the relevant departments have not been under the condition of Big Dipper Palace Street No. 1, construction bank business department building their own demolition. At 3:40, the demolition of the building cement structures fall into the West Street on the south side of the high-voltage cable, have been pulled down, the oblique pull in Big Dipper Palace Street, street and West Street Department of democracy at the 6 poles, the West Main Street along the street on both sides of the floor blackouts, caused no casualties. read more

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The 12 km high speed corridor will start construction

Green in the extension, it is from the airport high-speed landscape to other large scale extension of the highway! In September 5th, a reporter from the office of Nanshan green headquarters was informed that the basis of present picturesque scenery in Xining Airport Expressway, the city is about to start a green corridor construction of West transit highway (Qi Jia Cheng Xigang to implement green landscaping engineering section). How to build 12 km high-speed Corridor West transit highway is to the west of Qinghai Huangzhong, Huangyuan, Qinghai Lake tourism town surrounding towns traffic arteries, the implementation of the green landscape engineering design range east to West Qi Jia Cheng Xigang overpass overpass, planning a length of about 12 kilometers, after planning the forestry sector in our city, in the recently completed the formalities coordinate the Beichuan canal irrigation work, started to implement the land preparation, planting etc.. [] the status of the landscape area terrain, greening conditions, the existing highway fence greening afforestation and greening seedlings of small size, poor growing, lack of landscape plant configuration, are not up to the requirements of the landscape. [] to build green corridor on both sides of the highway landscape shelterbelt as the main line, increase green width, improve landscape level, enhance the protective effect, increase the proportion of flowering plants in greening, echoing with the existing plant communities, the formation of good landscape and ecological system. To build a unique and beautiful landscape ecological corridor. [] 8 at the selected node landscape focus on the land along the landscape as node, group by clove, forsythia, yuyemei, peony, Sorbaria and other flowering shrubs, forming impressive landscape node. Create a road with the king king by the way of "artistic conception of West transit highway (Qi city to Xigang section) in landscape design in Qinghai to reflect the local characteristics, around the" safety, ecology, tourism "construction of the theme, and the surrounding terrain in harmony, creating a rich color, distinctive, magnificent the green landscape, with strong regional characteristics in Qinghai, the formation of" the way with the king, king by the way of "the unique artistic conception, through the construction, will improve the ecological environment along the highway and landscape effect, and exert the protective function of highway greenbelt better, forming a protective high quality green system.   read more

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Xining to carry out the full population information collection mechanism innovation action to achiev

In order to comprehensively strengthen and improve the management level of information service for the whole population, we should seek new breakthroughs in the basic work, the integration of grassroots forces, the promotion of information sharing, active service to the masses and so on

in order to comprehensively strengthen and enhance the level of information service management of the whole population, in order to consolidate the basic work, the integration of grassroots forces, promote information sharing, active service and other aspects of the masses to seek new breakthroughs. Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission grid management to the full population information management and the City Commission to carry out the actual population and special work combined, in the city to carry out the full population information collection mechanism innovation action and achievements. read more