The old webmaster teaches you how to analyze the data and Statistics website

1 what is called the number of visits, is your site visitor in your website’s session number. 2 conversion time is from the entrance to the visitor to specify the number of pages, the higher the index shows that transformation on the website of the greater, the greater the contribution of the website. The conversion rate is the ratio of 3 into the entrance of the conversion time and the number of visits, the higher the ratio shows that the conversion rate is higher.

over a period of time love Shanghai launched access entrance report, there are a lot of analysis in this report has no access to the entrance, what amazing places, but this report gave me a new idea and method, love Shanghai statistical access entrance is to put a lot of indexes above belong to the class together, to help owners do the analysis accurate, such as conversion analysis contain many indicators, PV, conversion rate, conversion time, and it also introduces how to treat the data. read more

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Web page optimization techniques


2, the content of the. In fact, this is the relevant page link optimization one aspect, we can make reference to the link, it will not only improve the user experience, but also help to establish and improve the system of internal links.

3, the "a" "next" link optimization. For the same category of the article, we can use "a" title "a title" in the form of optimization.

for link optimization related pages, generally have the following several ways. read more

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Enterprise Station colleagues must see Website Title writing summary minefield

can be divided into three forms:

keywords accumulationSome

at this stage we write the title mainly has two forms, one is very simple, is the keyword, separated by special symbols, second, will want to optimize the key words in a sentence.

A keyword

for the page can be used in third forms, and for the classification using 1 or > page

said before, the enterprise stop is the best form of a word to give your website title, keyword and title page and content must be consistent, if the home is all about water gourd, you add a loofah water merchants and other words in the title of a sentence is obviously not appropriate. read more

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From the construction of new sites to Shanghai’s ranking of love included and ranking factors conjec

second: updated daily original articles, the original is not reproduced or pseudo original, just started a few days to be able to write some original, but later especially after half a month will find ideas not open, write down, and love Shanghai included effect is not good at all, so begin to doubt yourself, then through the Shanghai dragon group chat learned that the original articles are many place to pay attention to, the title of the article to the new focus, and keywords combination, so through the analysis I will be a popular figure in popular programs and TV stars and the occupation of the wearing perspective to write the soft magic happened love Shanghai included very quickly, but also included the first day can reach second days to put out this for a new station is not very easy. The following is a screenshot of the read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmasters to open the first round of large scale sitemap invitatio

Related reading:

A5 (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network May 9th news, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform May 8th announcement that the sitemap tool since the line has helped a large number of high-quality sites to improve the collection of problems in order to help more sites, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform for the first round of large-scale sitemap million websites open invitation, invited to the site after completing the verification platform, can be opened sitemap permissions. If the website domain opened sitemap permissions, can submit website data of all subdomains the main domain, to help achieve fast included website content. read more

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can see from the A5 clinic in the world

anyway, I am from A5>

said the Shanghai based Phoenix, basically everybody has his own opinion. Then Shanghai Longfeng optimization essence, different people have different opinions about it or not. After all, God can not be entirely blown, need to prove case. This is from the A5 clinic we can know how to become a webmaster industry giants. Every time a length of less than a thousand words clinic content, covering Shanghai dragon aspects, combined with the latest algorithm direction of love Shanghai mainstream search engine. read more

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Four words to make you fall in love with Shanghai dragon industry optimization

The more

always watching, is to oneself life waste and desecration of Shanghai dragon, for you know how to do

Optimization of

now has a group of children through the entrance of this ridge, waiting for them will be another piece of the sky, but when choosing a volunteer, I suggest that the children do not have to be too tangled, afraid of their own choice of worry about personal gains and losses, professional, in fact he had chosen mathematics application, and finally Shanghai dragon hook. So at that time as long as they have the potential to professional love can be, there are a lot of university development opportunities, employment direction we will not die because of our professional limitations. Speaking of which, you have to mention their work now, full of passion, and full of hope, maybe you will laugh at me, but that everything has been the website optimization webmaster all know Shanghai dragon and boring, only feel a little rise in the ranking of identity, other times only one automatic speaking. Friends said that I don’t agree nor disagree, because sometimes you look at the issue from different angles, different results, we first do not argue, and listen to me these four words. read more

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Discussion on the high quality of the chain standard

third, "scarcity", explain the rarity is scarce and precious things: think, some friends say pure text links in a sense is simply not the chain, 2 types of chain common: anchor text links and text links, love Shanghai engineer Lee in the love of Shanghai internet club said: love will find Shanghai plain text is an URL address and the address corresponding to the URL address to crawl, so pure text is an effective link, if the text is not a valid link or not high quality links, really do not know big home to the Admin5 or other website submission to what but, most of the news submissions is pure text links. read more

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34 Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Lee answer questions and put the webmaster

love is the ability to capture and analysis of CSS.

2, love Shanghai 5.20 big update, what do you think of

? ?

7, A 301 and B domain name domain name once again, if the domain name B301 to A whether it can keep the original weight now?

if the other site links to prohibit included web settings in your robots.txt file, then these pages may still appear in Shanghai love search results, but the content on your page will not be crawled, indexed and show the construction, love Shanghai in search results show only to other sites related to you the description of the page. read more

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Four reasons to love Shanghai ranked the website frequently diving

maybe you website optimization is very good, very patiently to do original content, pay great attention to the quality of the chain, included snapshot is also normal, but the ranking is not stable is the appearance of "diving" phenomenon, it can be concluded that you >

third, the artificial interference

second, the chain is not stable


first, the chain construction is not reasonable

I have a do paint keywords website, one or two months before the website weight is very high, the snapshot update, many keywords are ranked in the love of Shanghai is on the position, but since the beginning of April a fall in love with the sea week after the update, the ranking has been unable to stabilize. Since then its ranking changes regularly, every time to fall in love with the sea week after the update, most keywords ranking and website weight recovery, but on the second day, ranking immediately again before the update so bad, right down the site again. This situation has lasted for almost a month. I love to take a person to experience Shanghai’s ranking for a year to analyze why the recent frequent "diving" section of the website ranking in Shanghai love. read more

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