PS3 drops to 199 at GameStop

first_imgAs with every console Sony has released, over time the components used get cheaper to manufacture, or redesigns are done that combine parts and therefore save a considerable amount of money. Sony then has a higher profit margin on each console sold, or the option to drop the retail price of the machine.It’s been 8 months since the last official PlayStation 3 price drop, which saw Sony knock $50 off the recommended price and take it to $249.99 for the 160GB machine. It was a welcome price drop, but didn’t look so great when in February the PS Vita Wi-Fi model was released at the same price. It made one of the two machines look expensive.So, is Sony going to cut the price of the PS3 again soon? GameStop isn’t waiting to find out as they have just dropped the 160GB model of the PS3 to $199.99. There’s no confirmation of this being a permanent drop, but you can apparently walk into a GameStop today, or visit online via the link below, and pick up a brand new machine for 200 bucks.The decision to lower the price is either a surprise promotion from the retailer, or an early introduction of a coming price announcement from Sony. Either way, selling the hardware $50 cheaper will certainly boost sales, and probably lead to more game sales due to the saving. If it turns out to be a permanent drop, other retailers will be forced to follow and lower the price too.If you’re in the market for a PS3 I wouldn’t chance waiting to find out why the price has been changed, just get down to a GameStop ASAP and pick one up.More at GameStop, via Joystiqlast_img read more