Specialist plan aims to reduce clinical errors

first_imgA pilot scheme has been launch-ed to enable NHS staff to specialise in thetreatment of a particular condition and help avoid a “parade offaces” scenario for patients. Julie Hargadon, director of the NHS’ changing workforce programme, said thenew approach would help staff build expertise in a particular clinical area. Hargadon, speaking at the Association of Healthcare Human ResourceManagement’s conference told delegates that a more holistic approach could bebeneficial to staff and patients. “We now have the opportunity to rethink the support roles to patients.We are beginning to talk about a cancer practitioner or a stroke practitionerwho would deal with all facets of a particular condition,” she said. As well as saving time and giving more personal care, these new roles forstaff could also help frustrated professionals move out of rigid career boxes –giving them heightened self-esteem and job enrichment. The conference heard how one pilot scheme in Kingston, Surrey is looking athow special health practitioners could treat all aspects of a particularcondition. Specialist plan aims to reduce clinical errorsOn 2 Oct 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

The poleward edge of the mid-latitude trough—its formation, orientation and dynamics

first_imgData from the Advanced Ionospheric Sounder (AIS) deployed at Halley, Antarctica (76°S, 27°W; L = 4.2) and the Dynamics Explorer-2 spacecraft (DE-2) are used to investigate several aspects of the formation processes and dynamics of the poleward edge of the mid-latitude electron density trough. These include a study of the flux and energy of charged particles precipitating into the F-region as a function of Magnetic Local Time. It is found that local energetic electron precipitation is a major source of ionisation of the poleward edge in the evening sector, but after magnetic midnight transport processes become more important. Occasionally a significant increase in the flux of conjugate photo-electrons is co-located with the poleward edge of the trough in the morning sector. Some possible mechanisms are discussed but no firm conclusions are drawn. The combination of AIS and DE-2 data has allowed identification of significant longitudinal structure on the poleward edge of the trough that may be the result of substorm activity. It is found that the orientation of the poleward edge of the trough and the locus of the plasmapause predicted from the ‘tear-drop’ model vary in rather a similar manner with local time, though no close physical link between the two features is inferred from this coincidence. A comparison of the equatorward motion of the poleward edge on many nights is used to show that Kp is a poor index to use in any empirical model for predicting the temporal variations of the location of the trough. It is suggested that a more thorough understanding of the processes controlling the variability of the magnetospheric convection electric field is required before any significant improvement to the empirical models is likely to occur.last_img read more

A review on the biodiversity, distribution and trophic role of cephalopods in the Arctic and Antarctic marine ecosystems under a changing ocean

first_imgCephalopods play an important role in polar marine ecosystems. In this review, we compare the biodiversity, distribution and trophic role of cephalopods in the Arctic and in the Antarctic. Thirty-two species have been reported from the Arctic, 62 if the Pacific Subarctic is included, with only two species distributed across both these Arctic areas. In comparison, 54 species are known from the Antarctic. These polar regions share 15 families and 13 genera of cephalopods, with the giant squid Architeuthis dux the only species confirmed to occur in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Polar cephalopods prey on crustaceans, fish, and other cephalopods (including cannibalism), whereas predators include fish, other cephalopods, seabirds, seals and whales. In terms of differences between the cephalopod predators in the polar regions, more Antarctic seabird species feed on cephalopods than Arctic seabirds species, whereas more Arctic mammal species feed on cephalopods than Antarctic mammal species. Cephalopods from these regions are likely to be more influenced by climate change than those from the rest of the World: Arctic fauna is more subjected to increasing temperatures per se, with these changes leading to increased species ranges and probably abundance. Antarctic species are likely to be influenced by changes in (1) mesoscale oceanography (2) the position of oceanic fronts (3) sea ice extent, and (4) ocean acidification. Polar cephalopods may have the capacity to adapt to changes in their environment, but more studies are required on taxonomy, distribution, ocean acidification and ecology.last_img read more

Eviction demonstration outside lettings agency leads to arrests

first_imgThe branch of a lettings agency in Buckinghamshire was the scene of demonstration that saw two demonstrators arrested after its directors called local police to break up the gathering.Some 15 members of the private rental market campaigning group Acorn’s Oxford branch demonstrated outside the offices of Ryeview homes on Crendon Street near the railway station in central High Wycombe.Demonstrators waved flags and held placards and cartoon rats. The group is campaigning to stop an eviction in the town of a family served a Section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction notice after reportedly telling the agency that their property was infested with large rats, some up to 10cm long, and that they faced multiple other hazards.Such notices are not being processed by the courts at the moment and are instead only allowing evictions over extreme rent arrears, trespass and domestic violence to proceed to an eviction warrant.The demonstrators were trying to get the Ryeview agent handling the tenancy, Amjd Choudhry, to come out and speak with the demonstrators, who police say were tapping on the window of its office and attempting to gain entry.Police calledRyeview then called local police to attend the demonstration and two members of the Acorn group were arrested and detained overnight.A man, aged 21, was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. He has since been released under investigation. A woman, aged 27, was also arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and bailed.“Instead of supporting tenants standing up for their rights, the police decided to detain two of our members without reason,” a statement from Acorn Oxford said via its social media accounts.Acorn have increasingly been targeting lettings agency offices over the past few years when campaigning over issues with specific tenancies, although this is the first time one of their members has been arrested during such a demonstration.Pic credit: Acorn Oxford ryeview homes Acorn Oxford March 5, 2021Nigel LewisOne commentPossession Friend, Possession Friend Possession Friend 5th March 2021 at 10:43 pmNot before time !Log in to ReplyWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021 Home » News » Agencies & People » Eviction demonstration outside lettings agency leads to arrests previous nextAgencies & PeopleEviction demonstration outside lettings agency leads to arrests15 Acorn campaigners gathered to demonstrate outside Ryeview Homes over a disputed eviction in High Wycombe.Nigel Lewis5th March 20211 Comment706 Viewslast_img read more

Coronavirus trial involving Oxford NHS staff paused following safety concerns

first_imgThe drug works by regulating the body’s immune system and has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus, as well as malaria, although it is also known to cause dangerous heart arrhythmias. Hydroxychloroquine has gained international attention as a possible treatment for coronavirus after US President Donald Trump told reporters he was taking it as a preventative measure, despite there being no proven link between the drug and preventing Covid-19 transmission.  A clinical trial of anti-malarial drugs involving Oxford healthcare workers has been paused following guidance from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) warning of safety concerns surrounding hydroxychloroquine. Professor Sir Nicholas White, a Supernumerary Fellow in Tropical Medicine at St John’s College who is one of the principal investigators of the COPCOV study, said at the beginning of the trial: “We really do not know if chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine are beneficial or harmful against Covid-19.”  The trial, called COPCOV, had initially sought to test whether chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine could prevent healthcare workers exposed to Covid-19 from contracting the virus. More than 40,000 people globally were set to participate in a randomised clinical trial, including NHS staff at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Headington. “The best way to find out if they are effective in preventing Covid-19 is in a randomised clinical trial” – a trial in which neither participants nor researchers know who has been given which drug. In a statement, the Chief Investigators of the trial said: “We have been working over the weekend to understand the implications of the Mehra [the lead author of the paper released in the Lancet] paper for the safety and welfare of patients randomised to hydroxychloroquine.” A paper encompassing results from more than 96,000 patients and published in the Lancet medical journal has found that people taking the drug were at a higher risk of death and heart problems. The release of the paper has led the World Health Organisation to remove hydroxychloroquine from its global study into experimental coronavirus treatments “while the safety data is reviewed by the data safety monitoring board,” according to WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  However, the University of Oxford-based RECOVERY trial remains open and is continuing to trial hydroxychloroquine, amongst other possible treatments, in 10,000 UK patients already admitted to hospital with COVID-19.  The study had been given added urgency amidst conflicting reports on the efficacy and safety of hydroxychloroquine. A note accompanying the trial’s original announcement noted that “despite the lack of strong evidence” chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine continue to be widely recommended globally, and so conducting a clinical trial “is of tremendous importance”. An independent and urgent review of the data that the trial has so far collected “found that the effects of hydroxychloroquine on mortality reported in the analysis by Mehra were not consistent with those observed in the RECOVERY trial.” A statement released on the trial’s website yesterday said: “We responded promptly to the MHRA, addressing their concerns in detail and await their decision. The safety of our participants is our first priority, as is preventing illness in front-line healthcare workers.” The trial will therefore continue uninterrupted, and randomised patients will continue to receive the drug.last_img read more

The Real Scandal

first_imgObama “Colluded” with Russians:The Real ScandalBy Richard Moss MD   We have heard unceasingly of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign as the Democrats seek to undermine the President and create a perpetual cloud over his presidency.  It is unfortunate that Democrat snowflakes, the media (I repeat myself), and the left in general, have not yet come to grips with their unexpected election loss.  Lacking any evidence to support their absurd contention despite an ongoing investigation of nearly a year, they ignore the far greater concern of the police state tactics of the Obama administration against political enemies including President Trump and his administration.  The unmasking of American citizens, the dispersal of that information throughout the government and the leaking of that material to the media and Democrat House and Senate members is felonious at several levels and disruptive of government function.  Indeed the Obama administration has a long track record of illicit surveillance and intimidation of the media including against James Rosen, Cheryl Atkinson, and the Associated Press, and against organizations such as Tea Party groups, Jewish and non-Jewish bodies opposed to the Iran Nuclear Deal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Ambassador, to name a few.  When it came to “meddling” in elections, Russia has nothing on Obama and his operatives who intervened in elections in Israel, the Ukraine, Macedonia, and elsewhere.  But it is the matter of collusion that appeals to the media and Democrats, our Reds (the Democrats) suddenly obsessed with the nefarious Russians (the old Reds), whom they previously worshipped and defended, Reds helping Reds, ideologic twins, sharing, as they do, a common Marxist DNA.  If it is Russian “collusion” that interests Democrats today, they are wasting time going after Trump.  They need look no further than the prior Democrat administration under Barack Obama for reams of evidence that suggest “collusion.”  We begin, for example, with the infamous “Reset” gaffe of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding US-Russian relations.  Obama scrapped plans to deploy missile defense shields to NATO allies Poland and Czechoslovakia, a gift to Putin.  When Russia annexed Crimea, an independent state, in defiance of international law, Obama made not a peep.  Russia invaded and effectively annexed eastern Ukraine, also in defiance of international law and the Budapest Memorandum signed by the US and others in 1994. Obama’s response was to send blankets and tents to Ukrainian defenders. Nor can we forget the hot mic fiasco in 2012 when Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to assure Vladimir Putin that after his election “I would have more flexibility.”  Obama also handed the Middle East to Russia on a silver platter making Russia the dominant world power in the region, a position we fought for and held for decades.  Russia, under Obama, acquired and vastly expanded a major naval base on the Mediterranean in Syria, now rivaling our presence in the region.  Obama aided Iran with his nuclear deal, releasing $150 billion to the leading state sponsor of terrorism, and a key Russian ally.  He also delivered Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon over to Iran, again augmenting Russia’s position in the Middle East.  Former President Clinton received $500,000 for a speech by a Russian corporation, while his wife Hillary was Secretary of State under Obama.  The Clinton Foundation received more than a $100 million in contributions from Russia while Hillary approved the sale of 20% of US uranium stores.  The “evidence” of alleged Trump collusion pales in comparison with the Obama record. The media/Democrat party Soviet-style witch-hunt against Trump over collusion with Russia is soaked in irony on multiple levels, all of them, needless to say, lost on its perpetrators.  The whole notion that Trump or surrogates would seek Russian assistance in defeating Hillary is ridiculous on its face.  Surely after nearly a year of investigation any evidence in support of the mindless allegation would have been unearthed and eagerly reported.  None has been forthcoming.  Rather, we have a farcical scheme concocted by the hysterical left to destroy the Trump Presidency, a silent coup.  There is far more circumstantial evidence to implicate the Obama administration of colluding with Russia than the non-existent complicity of Trump.  This is the real conspiracy that cries out for investigation.  The other piece of the looming scandal is that while Russia and others did meddle in our election, which no one doubts, only not through the Trump campaign, but through hacking and other ways at the state and federal level and through the Democrat National Committee, Obama and his team did nothing.  Why?  They expected Hillary to win and wanted nothing to tarnish her victory.  They also like the Reds (Russians) and always have.  So, they willingly allowed it.  This is the scandal that demands a full inquiry replete with witnesses, hearings, the FBI and special counsel – not the empty Communist show trail against Trump.EDIORS FOOTNOTE: Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN.  He lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 8th district in 2016. Find more of his essays and blog posts at exodusmd.com.  Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Press release: Prime Minister visits Scottish cashmere workers to mark one year to EU exit

first_imgGrowth Deals are part of the UK Government’s long-standing commitment to directly invest in Scotland’s future.They give communities the financial backing to promote economic growth, while proposals come from local partners themselves, allowing them to develop projects that place Scotland at the forefront of innovation, technology and connectivity.To date, the UK Government has committed over £1 billion in City Region Deals in Scotland, with negotiations underway on deals with Stirling and Clackmannanshire and Tay Cities, as well as the innovative cross border Borderlands Growth Deal.On the Ayrshire deal, discussions with the three local authorities involved – North, East and South Ayrshire – to develop proposals, as well as with the Scottish Government and other partners, will soon begin.The textile manufacturer Alex Begg has been established in Scotland since 1866 and creates quality woven scarves and throws for sale across the world, including key markets in Japan and the USA.Ian Laird Managing Director for Alex Begg, said: It is my mission to deliver a Brexit deal that works for Scotland and the whole of the UK, and today I’ve been speaking to workers here in Ayr about what our departure from the EU means to them. I am determined that the Brexit we pursue is one that strengthens the bonds that unite us – because I believe ours is the world’s most successful union. Scotland – with its diverse sectors ranging from wool, salmon and whisky production, to world-leading universities, tech hubs and cultural institutions – is such a significant contributor to our United Kingdom. I want to see it prosper as we forge a new role for ourselves in the world. That’s why we’re continuing to back Scotland and I am pleased today to announce we are opening talks over a new Ayrshire Growth Deal that should significantly boost the local economy and opportunities for people here. The Prime Minister met staff at a textile factory in Ayr today as part of a day-long tour to hear the views of businesses and families across the breadth of the UK as we mark one year to our European Union exit.The PM has been using her visits to listen to the priorities of different sectors and communities, as well as set out her resolve to strengthening the bonds that unite our four nations as we leave the EU and in the years ahead.Her tour of Alex Begg factory came as the UK government announced it would formally begin talks with local partners for a new Growth Deal for Ayrshire. The deal is expected to significantly bolster the region’s economy, create jobs and boost productivity.Prime Minister Theresa May said:center_img We are delighted that the Prime Minister has taken the time to visit our business which has 150 years of heritage of designing and manufacturing luxury scarves and throws in the West coast of Scotland. Much of our recent sales growth and corresponding increase in employment has been achieved in export markets and we welcomed discussing the importance of trading terms both within the EU and beyond.last_img read more

Umphrey’s McGee Delivered Two Raging Sets To Kick Off Suwannee Hulaween

first_imgWhen prog-jam experts Umphrey’s McGee were tapped as the Thursday night headliners at Suwannee Hulaween, it was assumed that they would put on an excellent show. Of course, they delivered, turning in two sets of straight fire as they kicked the weekend off with a bang.They started the show with one of their pre-recorded into tracks, “Bathing Digits”, before dropping right into the progressive rager that is “Rocker Part 2”. “Blue Echo” followed, bringing an electronic element into their set, before transitioning into the heartfelt “No Diablo”. The band kept things cooking with an old favorite, “Resolution”, that eventually wound it’s way into the industrial metal of “Robot World”. Newer prog tune “Make It Right” got the crowd moving, before they brought the first set to a close with a great take on “Wife Soup”.If set one was all about progressive music, set two was all about dance music. “Cemetery Walk” opened things up, but the real party started with “Bad Friday”. The song’s pulsating beat and high-energy vocals are always a blast, and this version was no exception, whipping the crowd into a frenzy . “Mulche’s Odyssey” signaled a return to the heavy progressive vibes of set one, however, the rock show then veered in a different direction, with Umphrey’s turning things up to eleven with an awesome cover of David Bowie‘s “Let’s Dance”.Umphrey’s continued the slick second set with a run through their epic dance instrumental “Nothing Too Fancy”. When they reached the song’s typical jam section, they dropped into the funky newer track “Speak Up”. Finally, the band brought things to a close in a huge way, with “Ocean Billy” flowing directly back into the final section of of “Nothing Too Fancy”.For their encore, Umphrey’s McGee started off with “Slacker”, a true fan-favorite that dates back to their days as a young jam band. The classic tune eventually transformed back into “Ocean Billy”, giving a high-octane ending to this throwdown of a performance.Umphrey’s McGee returns to Suwanee Hulaween tonight for their second and final performance at the festival, before they head to St. Louis for two nights at The Pageant for their exciting Mash-Up Halloween.Umphrey’s McGee | Suwannee Hulaween | Live Oak, FL | 10/27/2016Set 1: Bathing Digits > Rocker Part 2, Blue Echo, > No Diablo, Resolution, > Robot World, Make It Right, Wife SoupSet 2: Cemetery Walk, Bad Friday, Mulche’s Odyssey, Let’s Dance, Nothing Too Fancy > Speak Up, Ocean Billy > Nothing Too FancyEncore: Slacker > Ocean Billy[setlist via All Things Umphrey’s]last_img read more

This Is What It Means To Be A NOLA Crawfish Festival VIP

first_imgThe second annual NOLA Crawfish Festival is fast approaching, bringing the absolute best music, food, and beer New Orleans has to offer to Central City BBQ for three funk-filled days in between Jazz Fest weekends, May 1-3. Featuring legendary musicians and local favorites including George Porter Jr., John Medeski, Eric Krasno, Luther Dickinson, Jon Cleary, Ivan Neville, Nigel Hall, John “Papa” Gros, and so many more in unique supergroup formations, plus world-famous crawfish from the NOLA Crawfish King and specialty beer from NOLA Brewing Company, NOLA Crawfish Fest promises a true New Orleans experience from top to bottom.While a general admission ticket (earlybird prices go up Fri 3/24) will grant you access to 7 hours of music per day, plus 2 lbs. of crawfish and one beer, a VIP ticket is the best way to enjoy the full 360° experience!Single Day VIP:Eat Up – This ticket comes with FIVE lbs. of hot boiled crawfish with all the fixins. If you’ve ever eaten Shaggy’s crawfish, you know you can’t get enough!Drink Up – This is NOLA. Get your three specialty brews included. Doctor’s orders.Privacy Please – Hang out in your own Private VIP Outdoor Space with its own bar. You may even get to schmooze with some of your favorite artists!Skip the Lines – A VIP ticket permits access to a separate No-Wait VIP Entrance.Avoid the Crowd – You will have access to a special VIP Viewing Area (at one stage).More Food, Why Not – You’ll get a BBQ Platter from critically acclaimed Central City BBQ. Yum.Commemorate the Event – You will go home with a beautiful Limited Edition Poster to remember the day forever!Three-Day VIP:Roll Like A Rockstar – You will have access to a Private Concierge at all times to meet all of your immediate needs.Hang With Your Idols – There will be an Artist Meet & Greet each day, allowing you to hang out with your favorite artists in an intimate setting.More Music – You will receive one free ticket to all three NOLA Crawfish Fest After Parties.More Boils – You will receive one free ticket to all other NOLA Crawfish King crawfish boils.Commemorate the Event – You will go home with a SIGNED Limited Edition Poster.Plus all of the above:-FIVE lbs. of crawfish per day-FOUR specialty brews per day-Private Outdoor VIP Space-Private VIP Viewing Area-No-Wait VIP Entrance-One BBQ Platter per daySUPER VIP (3-day only):Drink Up – A Super VIP pass includes open bar for all three days of the event. Drink up, you deserve it!All Access Pass – You will be permitted backstage access throughout the event. You may never get the opportunity to interact with some of your favorite artists in such an intimate setting again!Plus all of the above:-FIVE lbs. of crawfish per day-FOUR specialty brews per day-Private Outdoor VIP Space-Private VIP Viewing Area-No-Wait VIP Entrance-One BBQ Platter per day-Private Concierge-Daily Artist Meet & Greets-Signed Limited Edition Poster-1 Ticket to all NCF After Parties-1 Ticket to all NOLA Crawfish King Crawfish BoilsEarlybird ticket sales go up on Friday, 3/24 at noon. Get tickets and more info here.A portion of all ticket proceeds will go to The CAN’d Aid Foundation‘s “Send Me A Friend“ program, which was launched in partnership with Anders Osborne to provide newly-sober musicians and music industry professionals a support network to enable them to get back to work.last_img read more

Widespread Panic Welcomes Sturgill Simpson, Honors Col. Bruce At Trondossa [Photo/Video]

first_imgWidespread Panic retook their throne onstage for Trondossa Festival’s maiden voyage on Saturday, May 5th, and Sunday, May 6th,  at the Riverfront Park in North Charleston, South Carolina. Widespread Panic headlined both Saturday and Sunday nights of Trondossa along with other performances by Grammy-winner Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price, Big Something, Moon Taxi, and Hiss Golden Messenger. Taking place just over a year following the tragic passing of Colonel Bruce Hampton, Widespread Panic also found time to honor the legendary mentor and philosopher.Widespread Panic’s Cinco De Mayo Saturday show kicked off with a saucy “Ribs N Whiskey”.  The hungry audience—with feet still muddy from Suwannee—scarfed down the introductory guitar notes. John Bell laid into the lyrics, and JoJo Hermann encompassed the rhythm section with a suave performance on keys. The White Wizard, Jimmy Herring, took a succinctly sweet guitar solo, and Dave Schools bent his bass strings to a whole new level of funkiness. After a short pause, the band delved into “Wondering” from their album Everyday. John Bell’s voice resounded powerfully, and Duane Trucks, Sunny Ortiz, and Dave Schools kept the rhythms methodically and melodically rolling along.Another short pause followed before the opening guitar licks of The Guess Who’s “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature” resonated through the air. JB, JoJo, and Schools whipped up a mean vocal stew through the song pairings’ many tempo changes, and Jimmy annihilated a casual and raw solo. The song winded down for another brief pause before Sunny and Duane disrupted the silence with the percussive introduction to “Proving Ground” from the band’s self-titled second album. The acoustic onslaught whipped the crowd into a frenzy with Herring, Trucks, and Sunny leading the charge but with JoJo finishing the madness with a flourish of keys.The band segued into a ridiculously energetic performance of “Impossible” with an absolutely shreddin’ guitar piece that broke down into a masterful display of musicianship with a thumpin’ bass line and rhythm section before building back into a chaotic frenzy of momentum.  JoJo switched between his pristine, crystalline piano and sustaining synthesized organ sounds throughout the jam. The musical frenzy of “Impossible”—yet another from Light Fuse, Get Away—regressed back into “Proving Ground” to complete a delicious musical sandwich.“Bust It Big” was led in by JoJo Hermann on keys, but it didn’t take long for the rest of the guys to join into the heavy, rockin’ jam from Night of Joy. During this lengthy thirteen-minute jam, Sunny walloped his kit, JoJo pulsated synthesized rhythms while belting out the lyrics, Herring manipulated the electrostatic atmosphere with lightning solos, Schools pummeled his bass’s fretboard, and Trucks pounded the crap out of his drums, especially during the lyrics “Beware of the man who builds monuments to himself”. Herring conducted his solos in a business-as-usual fashion, with onlookers star-struck by the casual intensity of his performance.For the first time this year, Widespread Panic performed a mellow rendition of “Jack” from Ain’t Life Grand.  School’s bassline bounced between JB’s expertly sung lyrics, which carved out a tale of mythological proportions. The Wizard, true to the nature of the song’s lyrics, captivated with one last solo before collecting the audience’s melted faces and brains off the floor with a wink of the eye and a wave of his hand—just in time for the band to dive into the rugged musical amalgamation known to most as simply “All Time Low”.This jam from Til’ The Medicine Takes characterized the common feelings of incompetence and worthlessness, as JB posited the question: “Who knows who is both your best friend and brother when everyone’s deserted you?” At the bottom, there is only one way left to go: Up—and Herring and JoJo took this jam soaring through the clouds while Schools, Trucks, and Sunny tried in vain to keep it grounded. The band took a half-hour break, allowing the audience time to wrap their heads around what just transpired and prepare for the upcoming set.A bass-heavy introduction to “Bear’s Gone Fishin’” continued to implement songs from the Til’ the Medicine Takes album.  JB captivated with his vocal control, power, and range. Herring dominated the middle section of the jam on to the end with a nasty whirlwind of a guitar solo before allowing Schools the musical space to incorporate his two-cents. JoJo intervened, and the jam stabilized for long enough until they smoothly segued into the slick and vigorous jam, “Tie Your Shoes”.Dave Schools led the charge and the song’s jam transcended all musical comprehension and only through multiple re-listenings were even the basic foundations understood by the mere human brain. As most audience members stood mouth-wide, aghast, and transfixed, Schools pumped his bass interwoven with JoJo and Herring’s brilliant playing. Trucks incorporated some neat drum triads to add to the exceptional performance. The music progressed directly into “Rock”, during which John Bell fascinated with his grumbling growl and Schools lent his hearty vocal talents to the swampy blend. The drummers had a field day thrashing their kits up until the end of the song when the band finally took a breather after over 30 minutes of straight, musical carnage to open the second set.“Pickin’ Up the Pieces” slowed the tempo down. Schools stood out with his fierce bass playing, fitting an absurd number of notes into the mellow spaces between Trucks’ snares punctuations, while John Bell crooned slowly and patiently. After another slight pause, the band kicked into a raunchy rendition of George Clinton and P-Funk’s “Red Hot Mama” within the pleasant verses of a soaring “Surprise Valley”. The boys held nothing back with extended jams on both tunes and doing mud justice to a bawdy and sexy version of “Red Hot Mama”. When the jam descended into the depths of “Red Hot Mama”, the crowd became ravenous and the band fed off the energy.  Schools was in the zone throughout the song and held court over the proceedings on stage. John Bell rapped a “Tall Boy” verse into the tail end of the jams and included some charismatic wails with Schools assisting vocally.The percussionists then thwomped their kits in a short but spirited percussive duet while the other bandmates remained on stage. Trucks ended the dual drum duel with a few last smacks on his snare before transitioning into Tom Petty’s “Honey Bee” from 1994’s Wildflowers. The boys introduced this song into rotation for Ladies’ Night during their Halloween run last year in Vegas, but the song has reemerged twice more since: during the New Year’s Eve show in Atlanta and, most recently, during the scorcher in Birmingham.Due to a strict curfew, the band transitioned right into the encore without leaving the stage, offering a rowdy version of “Imitation Leather Shoes” from Don’t Tell the Band. They kept the conflagration scorching with a condensed and heavy rendition of the song based on Kafka’s short story “Metamorphosis”.  Schools, JoJo, and JB all contributed to the vocals led by JB, and fireworks were ignited behind the stage to end an outstanding first night of music.Setlist: Widespread Panic | Riverfront Park | North Charleston, SC | 5/5/2018Set 1: Ribs and Whiskey,  Wondering, No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature,  Proving Ground > Impossible > Proving Ground > Bust It Big > Jack, All Time LowSet 2: Bears Gone Fishing >, Tie Your Shoes >, Rock, Pickin’ Up the Pieces, Surprise Valley > Red Hot Mama* > Surprise Valley > Drums > Honey Bee > Imitation Leather Shoes* w/ ‘Tall Boy’ rap | -Everyone remained on stage for ‘Drums’ | -Fireworks during the ILS closer | -ILS encore played without break due to hard curfewTrondossa’s second night was arranged in the same way as the first, with two condensed sets with no encores. To begin the night, Widespread Panic executed “Porch Song” with a slow tempo for the first time since LOCKN’ 2014. With the slower tempo, the vocals led by John Bell and backed up by JoJo Hermann played a more prominent role. To follow, the boys brushed off the Mexican sand, for the second-ever live version of “Sundown Betty”, which was debuted at Panic en la Playa this year. John Bell mystified with his sensual, immaculate, and ghostly vocals, and the band performed an inverted introduction to the song this time around.The boys got extra swampy with a cover of their fellow Georgian brethren’s song “Henry Parsons Died” by Bloodkin. The introduction had an extra-percussive assault from Sunny to lead the music into the depths of this whiskey-indulgent jam, and Jimmy Herring redefined warp speed with his fingers as he wove a spellbinding quilt out of lightning bolts. Dave Schools bent his strings to announce the incoming instrumental jam, “Machine”. Schools led the way but had Herring on his tail throughout, before Trucks and Sunny led into an impeccable segue for “Barstools and Dreamers”. John Bell continued his vocal dominance with support from the entire unit.“Barstools and Dreamers”[Video: peter sanger]After a small pause, John Bell introduced the next song as a “Talking Heads moment,” and without further ado, the band dove into “City of Dreams,” which hasn’t been performed since last year’s Halloween run at Park Theater in Las Vegas. John Bell vocalized the slow, lyrics with passion, and the crowd reacted uproariously when he sung “Southern U.S.A.”  The band accomplished this cover in a heartwarming manner that was very appropriate for a Sunday show.“City Of Dreams”[Video: peter sanger]In true Panic tradition, the band then invited recent Grammy winner Sturgill Simpson on stage for a boisterous rendition of J.J. Cale’s “Ride Me High.” JoJo nailed the lead vocals, and Sturgill did a damn good job keeping up with Herring and JoJo, and the jam featured an outstanding guitar confrontation between Sturgill and the Wizard. JoJo, as is tradition, remained omnipresent throughout the jam, both vocally and with his keyboard prowess.To finish the first set, Sturgill remained on stage with Widespread Panic to cover The Beatles’ “Come Together” for the second time in 823 shows, with the most recent time played in Washington D.C. on March 15th this year. Both, John Bell and Sturgill traded vocals, though there was tremendous backup support from JoJo, Schools, and the rowdy audience. To end the first set, John Bell thanked Sturgill for coming out and gave a hasty “Be right back!” before the band disappeared from the stage.“Come Together” with Sturgill Simpson Upon returning and following a quick tune-up, the Widespread Panic boys began a passionate version of “Pleas”, the opening track from Everyday. Jimmy Herring obliterated a nasty solo before any words were even sung, and by the time, John Bell belted out the first verse, the other musicians had been jamming for almost three minutes.To provoke the already-ferocious crowd, the boys segued into the classic rocker “Chilly Water”, the opening cut from the band’s debut album Space Wrangler. The song possesses deep themes of private vs. public domain by relaying the story of a thirsty cowboy desperate for a drink of water from a rancher’s well. The intensity of this song, as well as the song’s content, culminated in a water fight with the dehydrated audience members forsaking their thirst—much like the character described in the song—for the noble sacrifice of having a little fun and emptying any and all nearby water containers into the air.Mellowing it out for the parched audience, them Panics performed a sentimental version of Jorma Kaukonen’s “Genesis”, which they only bust out seldomly, with the last being at Panic en la Playa in Mexico. John Bell sang the words in his country sweet style, and JoJo implanted a pure piano sound amidst the rhythm section’s locomotive drive. However, once John Bell admitted that “He never looked away!”, Jimmy Herring commandeered the song and didn’t relinquish the reins until its end with some stylish flourishes supplemented by JoJo.Keeping the tone mellow, Dave Schools led the band onward with his bouncing bass for a honeyed rendition of “Walkin’ (For Your Love)” from Widespread Panic’s self-titled second album. JoJo echoed John Bell’s lead and also played several furious piano sections and punctual flourishes that gave the song its saccharine tone. JoJo’s keys continued to introduce the original staple “Tall Boy” from Bombs & Butterflies. John Bell took lead vocals, but once again, JoJo and JB sang together on several of the choral refrains as well as some of the verses. Jimmy Herring made up for sitting the last song out with a couple blistering guitar parts and had the last licks.“Walkin’ (For Your Love)”[Video: peter sanger]With Jimmy Herring’s guitar still reverberating, Schools tested the structural integrity of his bass guitar with the hearty opening notes of the crowd-favorite cover of Winston Riley’s reggae tune “Arleen”. John Bell spun a wickedly dogged tale of losing his electricity and not being able to watch his favorite T.V. shows—“No Star Trek or Barney!” (no Andy)—so, as a result, was forced to look out his window all day at the neighborhood girls. With Schools walloping the bass, Bell admitted that “He can’t stand it!” and the rest of the band chimed in with a resounding “No!” while Trucks punctuating each line with his cymbal. Jimmy Herring crushed a sizzling solo before JB continued his vocal raps.There was a legendary call-and-response section between JoJo and Herring as the rhythm section continues their pulsing beats. John Bell murmured halfway incoherently before Herring, Schools, and JoJo all had one last word in this epic super jam. Eventually, the musicians left the percussionists on stage to host a battle of wits on their drum kits, and most of the audience scampered for the bathrooms, but the dedicated few remained to dance their best moves to the primitive rhythms in the expanded personal space.After nearly ten minutes, the band returned onstage to perform their original tune “Airplane” from Ain’t Life Grand.  As per usual with this song, Jimmy Herring blasted off to another dimension, which is most appropriate, as the next song paid tribute to Colonel Bruce Hampton who frequently said that “Space is the place.” The band performed “Trondossa”, the festival’s namesake, which was recorded on Aquarium Rescue Unit’s album Mirrors of Embarrassment.  John Bell, as he did on New Year’s Eve at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, transformed into Col. Bruce, metaphysically and spiritually embodying the Colonel to deliver the remarkable reverie of his vocal performance. To embody such a uniquely odd personality as Colonel Bruce’s seemed an impossibility, but John Bell aced the one-of-a-kind style with grace and displayed nothing but professionalism and class. Herring whizzed a few dazzling riffs casually between the vocal lines, JoJo tinkered seamless spirals on his piano, and Sunny concluded the jam with his linger percussions.To end the second night, Widespread Panic concluded the festival with “Conrad”. The boys spent every last drop of gasoline to fuel the fire that has been burning for the last two days, and the fervent energy level was epitomized by every musician on stage. The drummers and Dave Schools mollywhopped their punctual tempos, and John Bell dissected the life of an evolving caterpillar with vocal supremacy. The last minute was over-the-top, as the band gave the crowd their money’s worth with the end of “Conrad” alone featuring drum rolls, electrical wizard tricks, and pounding bass notes. Fireworks bedazzled the sky with tumultuous bangs and beautiful streaking colors to accompany the lingering echoes and vivid memories of another unbelievable musical run from one of the greatest bands in business: Widespread Panic.The band will perform next at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, on June 22nd through 24th.Setlist: Widespread Panic | Riverfront Park | North Charleston, SC | 5/6/2018Set 1: Porch Song, Sundown Betty, Henry Parsons Died, Machine > Barstools & Dreamers, City of Dreams, Ride Me High* > Come Together**Set 2: Pleas > Chilly Water, Genesis, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Tall Boy, Arleen > Drums > Airplane > Trondossa^ > ConradNotes: * w/ Sturgill Simpson on guitar | ** w/ Sturgill Simpson on guitar and vocals | ^ LTP Hampton 70 (Miss You Col Bruce) FTP as full bandCheck out the full gallery from Saturday’s Trondossa experience below, courtesy of photographer Carol Spagnuola.Trondossa Music Festival | Riverfront Park | North Charleston, SC | 5/5/2018 | Photos: Carol Spagnuola Photo: Carol Spagnuola Photo: Carol Spagnuola Load remaining imageslast_img read more